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Park Model Buying Process

Park Model Buying Process

Once you’ve settled on the perfect park model, it’s important to answer the following questions: Where can I put my park model? How to finance my park model?

Since the placement of your park model has the potential to affect the financing of your new getaway, we’ll address this key question and your options.

Where can I put my park model?

There are generally two answers to this question. You will either need unrestricted, personal land or a site in a park model RV community that can be leased or purchased for use to place your park model. If you want to put it on your own property, you will need to contact the local zoning commissioner in your area about regulations. Each state and county can have their own individual restrictions about where park models can be placed

Park Model Community Considerations

  • Park model developments, communities or resorts usually allow individuals to purchase a unit and lease a site to place their park model.
  • A park model development, community or resort is also usually the retailer of their community’s available units. Most communities will not allow unauthorized park models to be purchased and brought into the resort.
  • Utility services such as water, garbage, cable and lawn maintenance may be included in the site lease or through a separate HOA charge.
  • Electric and gas may be metered separately.
  • Many park model developments, communities and resorts have additional amenities like swimming pools, billiard room, fitness center that may be included as part of your site lease.
  • Inside financing and insurance are usually available through the development, community or resort.
  • Outside financing and insurance are also usually available. Learn more about financing and insurance options.

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Park Model on Personal Land Considerations

  • Check with your local zoning commissioner to determine if your property is zoned for setup of a park model RV.
  • Have your land checked for installation of any utilities you may need such as water, sewer, electric, gas and cable.
  • Learn more about park model financing and insurance options.
  • Park models to be placed on personal property can be purchased through your closest area retailer. They may also be able to help you with financing and insurance options.

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How do I finance my park model?

Financing your park model can allow you to maintain your personal financial flexibility. The choice of lender is always up to you. We suggest contacting a few lenders to compare loan options. You may also want to reach out to lenders who are familiar with park model financing and can provide a personalized quote, as well as the retailer or community from which you are purchasing your Lakeside park model.

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